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Our HQ FREDS SWIM ACADEMY GmbH in Augsburg is represented in over 50 countries worldwide. Our global team is young and dynamic. Based on the longstanding experience in our own swimming school we developed the 3-stage learn-to-swim system SWIMTRAINER "Classic" that allows children to acquire a perfect swimming style.
In accordance with our company motto: “Lots of Fun, Safely!" the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" gives children a great deal of swimming fun in every phase of development, as well as the necessary sense of achievement linked with a high level of safety. Thus the basis for a successful swim learning experience is established early on and a life long, positive relationship with water is created.
The especially designed swimming aid products in the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" series are used according to the age and learning progress of the child (red, orange and yellow). As early as in baby age the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" enables targeted early learning. The resulting technical training leads to the perfect swimming style. The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" aids comply with the European, Australian and Russian safety standards, are TÜV and GS tested and are free of phthalates.
To match our 3-stage learn-to-swim system we offer functional swimming clothing such as overalls, baseball caps and aqua shoes. Our new beach bags, beach towels, sun protection clothing at UV Standard 801 and many other great products are brand new in our product range.
Of course we place a great deal of importance on using the best quality for our products. Our high quality range of swimming articles is available from renowned specialty merchants or you can order them easily from our online shop.

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Berthje van Dijk
Customer service

United Kingdom & Ireland

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FREDS SWIM ACADEMY Benelux, United Kingdom and Ireland

We are a professional , exclusive importer and distributor of high-quality SWIMTRAINERS "Classic" and more safe swimming supplies. Such as UV 80 sun protection clothing for children from 3 months to 12 years . We stand for safety, quality, reliability, durability and support for our customers and partners with professional sales in the Benelux, United Kingdom and Ireland. The products are immediately in stock. We engage in several product and marketing activities, after-sales and engagement with our customers and partners.

Besides the SWIMTRAINER "Classic " we offer a high quality product program . This consists of safe , high-quality neoprene swimwear, water shoes , beach towels and fashionable beach and swimming axes . Also proudly the solar leisure and swimwear with UV -80 according to UV Standard 801 for children under 12 years .

Finally :
The FREDS SWIM ACADEMY Group has developed and sells only safe and quality products that meet the standards. All in the interest of a safe environment for our babies and children in and around water.

Best regards,
Martin Broekx
Managing Director

United Kingdom & Ireland

FREDS SWIM ACADEMY is a trade activity of TBM Sales Value B.V.